I love my Mobile Contest

digitDigit India has launched ‘I love my Mobile’ contest which would make you win flat Rs 10,000 in cash. Plus there are also 2 other prizes of Rs 2000 each. The rules of the contest are very simple and its very easy for any one with a Mobile phone with a Camera to take part in it. Just Plain Jane simple.

So how to Enter? All you have to do is: if you have a mobile phone with camera, then you have to give your honest opinion about your phone by entering competition page, and submit a photograph of yours from your mobile. Just as Simple as that. Your Honest description of your phone could make you win the Prize.

Results will be announced in Digit and www.thinkdigit.com, So enter the competition as its almost as good as investing nothing and winning something

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  1. Hey have the results been announced ? I dont have access to digit mag. Can you plz post the winners here or post the winners name on my blog ??

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