Last Day in College

It is just not sinking in… Yesterday was the last day in college for my engineering life. It just feels so sad that I have spent some 4 years in college and it just feels like yesterday. I still remember clearly the day of my admission, that ‘Councilling Extravaganza’ 😛 lol but that has become history is just not getting right in. Also was the last internals of Engineering, and that too of WorkShop and for the first time the final project of workshop did work 😀
Now no more Hasmukh Sir’s labs and workshops, no more time pass in workshops for most of the sem and then scurrying for completion in the end. duh? gone are the days when we just used to come to college and boast about being an wannabe engineer, a wannabe is just about to me transformed into an Engineer. Its actually a Mixed feeling and dunno how our next session of life would be, would be missing a lot of good friends and some real Different Chaps…
buh byes YMCA (lectures) 😛