Bad day

Yesterday was a bad day regarding the sporting scenario. First of All I was not able to watch the sproting events live 😐 secondly the teams I would have supported lost. Firstly it was Manchester United losing to Chelsea 2-1 . It was real sad regarding that Man U had a clear cut lead over the table but for last couple of matches or so they kind of lost that lead and after this Loss they are par with Chelsea on top of table. So they will have to really Lift up their game to stave OFF the Chelsea Challenge.

Secondly in IPL twenty twenty Kolkata Knight Riders also lost to Chennai team. This was also a shocker considering Knight Riders hadn’t lost a match in the tourney so far. but this was not just their game. So lets hope for the best and see how they come up in future.

But I will really like Manchester United to lift up their game and win EPL this year. I don’t want a Chelsea comeback. Glory Glory Glory Man United………