IIT Delhi – Parikrama Live at Blitzkrieg

I know I am late for this but frankly saying didn’t had time to express how I felt about the fest. It was simply amazing. The crowd was great as usual, and the atmosphere was even more amazing. Add to the scenario, it was a pleasant weather, and giving the rains for last two days, pretty and coll winds blew.

Add to this, the Parikrama guys were stunt biking, and zipping around there on their monster machines ala superbikes, added a few more sparkles to the last day of the fest. This was outside the OAT – where the event had to take place. Enter the arena, it was just electric therein.

Okay, lets take out the competitive event for now, lets go straight to the professionals who had come there. First was decibel, the last year’s heroes, they lacked the charisma of last time, or maybe we expected more from them. Even Naagin was not up-to the standards with which they played last year, as competitors. But were good enough.

MyndSnare at IIT Delhi rendezvous 2008
MyndSnare at IIT Delhi rendezvous 2008

Next out were Mynd Snare… a Truly death metal band, and it was amazing to head bang, with such music being dished out live. One more event happened with us, and we were taken back stage by Saksham and it was amazing to be on the stage and watching bands perform. Especially Jasmine from Mynd Snare, who is amongst best drummers in country (and yeah, she is a girl 😉 ). Then we had to come off the stage because legends were coming in…

So last people to perform were the legends themselves – PARIKRAMA. Not enough words to describe them, how It felt to see Indian legends perform live, and they performed some amazing songs- self composed (my vote goes for Tears of the Wizard ), and a couple from Iron Maiden – Trooper, and Fear of the dark, and the last song was ACDC – Highway to Hell.

Here is a collection of some videos recorded by us while the Legends were performing. Enjoy Them! They are in High quality too, so prefer that…

Some other Fest Videos are also uploaded on my Youtube Channel

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