We love u Sachin

I wrote this post right after India lost miserably to Australia in their penultimate game at the CB series in Australia.


Mr Dhoni… 14 off 49 balls… One-day down under… And you still call sachin’s legs are growing older…
Just Because you have got us a couple of matches saved/won in succession doesn’t give u a right to question a man who has been playing for the before the time you had even learnt how to pee on your own…
Although your comments don’t deserve much of an attention who being a captain … 2-0 down in test series makes a voluntary announcement that you may retire from test… without thinking how it would affect the morale of the team… and you still call yourself a team man…

And all those aussie greats who say Sachin is going ponting way… plz dont even compare the two… we have already had enough of OZ bullshit with Greg Chappel.

And Kapil Paaji… we all know why you played so long… just to get that figure of 434 wickets… you were great but u were not the greatest!!!

Also its not about blaming… its all about who has a right to speak… and IMHO not Dhoni… I am not blaming him for choosing Ashwin instead of in form Rahul Sharma (call it favoritism) … I do not blame him for the amazing field placements he had during all the 8 tests we lost on a trot overseas.. it was only ALL the commentators COMMENTED on it… I am not even blaming him for the Timing of his comments in public… SEEMS Sachin got aged right after the first 2 tests down under… and I do not blame him today also for yet again playing so slow and again expecting that he would be doing a Miracle… Any learned man would know Miracles Happen Seldom… and he is just a mere mortal and not god…

Sachin and Saurav still a force

A day after Sachin Tendulkar became test cricket’s highest run scorer, and First person to cross 12000 run mark ever in Test Cricket, another of India’s Fab Four showed why he was called the King of his time. Saurav Ganguly score a century, to drive India to a comfortable position on the second day of the second Test at Mohali. This is when He has announced that this is going to be his last series, and he would be hanging his boots after this. No matter what People may think of him he has always been a  legend and someone of his stature would be surely missed in the dressing room.


sachin-gangulyThis century is a specially dedicated one to those who thought that Dada was a Spent force, and was no longer needed in the team. He and Sachin stabilized the innings , and after little maestro got out , took total control of the things. This is a special gift for those who think seniors must retire. They would surely do but get us a backup first. It is really sad that Saurav would be retiring after the series, and If you see the kind of games that have been played with the prince of Kolkata , he should sit down at a high. His being dropped out of ODI team was a blasphemy , as he was hell loads better than the so called young chaps in the team.

Anyways who cares a Damn about what Dhoni( with his theory of Youngistan) and his like minded people think. These guys were legends and would remain the same, someone as blunt a player as Dhoni can remain as best ranked batsman but you won’t get the flair and touch as these guys. Would Surely miss these legends when they retire. sad, but that’s life, and as  far as Saurav’s retirement goes, that’s not just life, its INDIA and sick politics attached to every facet of life in here. and yeah! FU Greg! you ruined what should have become the greatest team in world cricket by now.

Bad day

Yesterday was a bad day regarding the sporting scenario. First of All I was not able to watch the sproting events live 😐 secondly the teams I would have supported lost. Firstly it was Manchester United losing to Chelsea 2-1 . It was real sad regarding that Man U had a clear cut lead over the table but for last couple of matches or so they kind of lost that lead and after this Loss they are par with Chelsea on top of table. So they will have to really Lift up their game to stave OFF the Chelsea Challenge. Continue reading Bad day