Last Sessional

Today was the last sessional that I would ever give in my engineering college life. After giving 83 sessionals in the last 4 years today was the last and the 84th Sessional… Ahh its a good feeling to get rid of them but also a bad feeling to Miss those awesome moments that me and My friends shared whilst preparing for the sessionals. The ultimate Khap That we used to make while studying.. those 2 hrs of preprations and then going in to the hall as if we knew all.. would surely miss them

These sessionals were also a litle different as for the first time and the last time also 😛 we did a complete PEN DOWN in the exams.. all weren’t with us but we saw new facets in many persons.. Anyways this is life and the evening after Sessionals… Gonna Miss them surely…

Winter Rain

Wow last night rains were quite a bit surprise , with almost clear sky in the day the rains were a gift. I was sitting on my PC at around 2:30 am and I heard something . It was like hey its raining outside , lol. Winter rains are always a bit more soothing as it make winter more chilly and thats what where the fun comes in. A fair bit of wind adds to it. The night suddenly became more cold and I felt like roaming out in the wind. So the last breaths of winter are still ON before spring takes over and my favorite season is again on hold for nest 8 months.

Well as of now Winter is still ON thanks to the rain. Hope I had a digicam in my hand at that time so as to capture the surreal atmosphere.