We love u Sachin

I wrote this post right after India lost miserably to Australia in their penultimate game at the CB series in Australia.

Mr Dhoni… 14 off 49 balls… One-day down under… And you still call sachin’s legs are growing older…
Just Because you have got us a couple of matches saved/won in succession doesn’t… Continue reading

Sweet 23

So that was it 😉 Touching the 23 year mark yesterday and believe me what a day it turned out to be. Right from the beginning to the end of the day, it was amazing. Being away from home, still there were a few guys who didn’t made me feel much about it… Continue reading

Bad day

Yesterday was a bad day regarding the sporting scenario. First of All I was not able to watch the sproting events live 😐 secondly the teams I would have supported lost. Firstly it was Manchester United losing to Chelsea 2-1 . It was real sad regarding that Man U had a clear cut lead over the table but for last couple of matches or so they kind of lost that lead and after this Loss they are par with Chelsea on top of table. So they will have to really Lift up their game to stave OFF the Chelsea Challenge.… Continue reading